See Photo of Giant Crocodile Killed and Used For Pepper Soup In Imo State

A businessman has made a fantastic catch of a giant crocodile and displayed it before killing it for peppersoup.  This is the giant crocodile captured by a businessman who later used it for peppersoup

This is the giant crocodile captured by an Imo based businessman and contractor who hails from Anambra State. He displayed the animal on his Facebook wall before going ahead to kill it and preparing it for peppersoupEluiElui-4Elui-1

Chaos In Lagos As A Fashion Designer Slumps, Dies, Community Mobs Suspected Killer

There was chaos on Sunday on Orobiyi Street, in the Alagbado area of Lagos State after a 22-year-old fashion designer, Lukmon Shotunde, slumped and died.

Community youths were said to have attacked one Taofeek Sodiq, who had a disagreement with the victim earlier that day. The youths were about lynching the suspect when policemen from the Alagbado division rescued him.

Punch Metro gathered that the suspect had sent his son on an errand with N500. The 10-year-old was said to have been defrauded by a man who sat in the front of Shotunde’s locked shop.

The boy’s father reportedly accused Shotunde of colluding with the fraudster, insisting on getting back the N500. Sodiq, in the heat of argument, allegedly told the deceased, “You will not live to open your shop tomorrow, if my money is not returned.”

A resident, Owolabi Daod, explained that within three hours, the victim slumped and died.

He said, “Around 10am on Sunday, a man sat in the front of Lukmon’s shop. Another man, who lives in the community, sent his 10-year-old son on an errand with N500.

“But the man in the front of Lukmon’s shop called the boy and asked him to bring the N500 that he would double it for him. The boy foolishly gave him the money and the man absconded.

“A resident, who saw the boy sitting in front of the shop, asked him what he was waiting for. It was at that point the boy knew he had been scammed.” Daod said the boy’s father, upon learning the news, confronted Shotunde and accused him of colluding with the fraudster.

The 22-year-old, who denied the allegation, reportedly asked for a description of the fraudster. He was said to have called one of his friends who fitted the boy’s description; but the boy said he was not the one.

The boy’s father reportedly resorted to threats, insisting that he must recover the money.

“The man came out with a friend and said if he didn’t get his money back, Lukmon will not live to open his shop the next day. We thought it was all over.

“Lukmon was walking back to his shop when he suddenly collapsed. We rushed him to a private hospital where he was confirmed dead,” Daod added.

Punch Metro gathered that residents trooped to the suspect’s house and dragged him out. They were said to have beaten him and were about lynching him when the matter was reported at the police station.

“The police prevented jungle justice on Sunday. A police team had to stay in the community for more than six hours,” a source said. It was learnt that the victim’s father fought off efforts by the police to recover his corpse.

One of Shotunde’s friends, Ayeni Tosin, said he was buried at his father’s residence in Ijoko, Sango, around 11pm on Sunday, Tosin who described his friend as easy-going and gentle, said he was not sick prior to the incident.

Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said it was a case of sudden and unnatural death.

She said, “The victim’s father reported that the suspect threatened his son that he would not live to open his shop the next day. After three hours, the deceased slumped and died.

“A joint team of patrol vehicles moved to the scene to remove the body to suppress further tension, but the victim’s father resisted the action of the police on the ground that he wanted to bury his son according to Islamic rites. Investigation is ongoing.”[UNSET].jpg


Armed Robbers Killed After Attacking Policeman On His Way From Bank In Lagos (Photo)

A police inspector, who had just left a commercial bank in Idimu area of Lagos State -was attacked and robbed by a three-man gang, which came on a motorcycle and unleashed mayhem on Monday. The robbers reportedly shot the inspector in the jaw before dispossessing him of his money.

Read via Punch News;
Our correspondent learnt that while the robbers were escaping from the scene, a police patrol team, attached to the Anti-Pipeline Vandalism Intelligence Unit, engaged the robbers in a shootout.

Two of the robbers were reportedly killed during the exchange, while a surviving member of the gang, identified as Gafaru Ismail, was arrested.
Our correspondent learnt that two pistols were recovered from the gang.

The injured police inspector, who was not in uniform at the time of the attack, was reportedly rushed to a general hospital in the area, while the slain robbers and the suspect were taken to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja.

A resident, who gave his name only as Ramoni, said the robbers targeted people leaving banking premises, adding that the inspector was the second victim.
He said, “The incident happened around 11.45am. All of us suddenly heard gunshots down the road and we knew it was a robbery operation. Everyone was confused. The robbers, who came on a motorcycle, had first robbed a bank customer, before waylaying the inspector.

“While they were robbing him, they sensed that he had a weapon and quickly shot at his jaw. They collected his money and were leaving when they were cornered by a police patrol team.
“The patrol team engaged the robbers and killed two of them. They dragged their corpses into the van. The third suspect also sustained injuries, but he was arrested. It was after the arrest that most of us went out to see what was happening. The shootings were intense.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident.

She said, “On sighting the operatives, the robbers opened fire and the team responded during which two of the robbers were hit by bullets.“They were confirmed dead in a hospital. The case has been transferred to SARS for further investigation.

“The suspect, Ismail, has been on the wanted list of the command for cases of armed robbery. Items recovered from the gang were two pistols, four live ammunition and one motorcycle.”

source: pngThe-robbery-suspects

Musiliu Obanikoro Allegedly Caught On Tape Loading Plane With N1.29b For Fayose

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission now even has more damning evidence against former Minister of state for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro over the air-lifting of N1.29billion of stolen state money to aid the election of Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State.

According to a report today, the anti-graft agency has now gotten hold of a video tape, showing how Obanikoro and his aides loaded a chartered aircraft with the money and how they even broke the Lagos airport security gate.

The cash was transferred through HS125-800 5N-BMT belonging to Gyro Air Limited. The former minister paid $25,000 for the air-lifting.
The first flight was filled with N724.5million cash to the extent that there was no seat for any crew member or the ex-Minister.

It was during the second flight with N494.990m that Obanikoro, his Aide-de-Camp, Lieutenant Colonel A.O Adewale, and crew member joined the trip to Akure Airport.

The Nation reported that the ex-Minister, using soldiers, had broken through the security gate at the airport in Lagos to move a bullion van to the apron of the chartered wing to off-load the cash.

The N1.29billion was part of the money stolen by the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, from the lot voted for the buying of arms to prosecute the war against Boko


Man Found Dead Inside Soak Away Pit In Ogun Shortly After Dinner (Photo)

At Odewale area of Opeilu in Agbado, Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, a man named Kamorudeen was found dead inside a soak away pit.

According to The Nation, the 32-year-old commercial bus driver was said to have visited the toilet shortly after he had dinner around 11 pm on Thursday June 30.

Kamorudeen’s wife reportedly raised the alarm after her husband did not return from the toilet several hours later. After a thorough search all night, his body was discovered by one of his friends in the abandoned soak away pit at the back of their residence. The recovery of his body was said to have triggered a violent protest by his friends and associates, who queried why the landlord of the building did not cover the abandoned latrine pit for close to 15 years; it took the effort of the men of Agbado Police Station on the invitation of the community’s monarch, Chief Solomon Aina to douse the violence.

It was also said that Kamorudeen’s body was discovered with bodily injuries and blood, fuelling suspicion that he was probably killed and dumped inside the soak away pit.1-44

So Sad! Paul Of Psquare Performs Alone In Congo As Peter Threatens Lawsuit

Seems there is no end to the rift between the twin act Psquare as Paul Okoye took to the stage in a solo performance in Congo.13628319_225611081170925_1437869614_n13652143_1120016891404174_472146816_n (1)

No one ever thought it will ever get to this stage where they will be performing individually at events, but that is the sad reality, seeing Paul perform alone in  Congo   for the first time ever  was really painful to watch for dedicated  Psquare fans see photos below:

Man Arrested For Concealing Illegal Arms Of 250 Catrigdes (Photo)

A Taraba based man, who has not be identified, was arrested by agents of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), for carrying 250 cartridges.

According to the Daily Post, the suspect was nabbed in Benue State during his return trip to Taraba.

He however expressed regret for his action saying  “I’m so embarrassed. My wife and children are not happy with me.”
“I was returning from Onitsha in Anambra where I went to buy foodstuff which I sold in Taraba.”

“When our vehicle approached Alaide, the NDLEA officers stopped us and arrested me with cartons of cartridges which some vigilante groups asked me to buy for them.”
“It is the first time I ventured into the arms business which I procured from Onitsha market at the rate of N45, 000 after buying food stuff for my main business.”

Florence Ezeonye, the state commandant of the NDLEA gave a confirmation of the arrest.

She stated that the suspect was arrested during a stop and search check on the road, and shall soon be transferred to the relevant authority for further investigations. back-view-handsome-man-looking-up-rear-young-african-isolated-white-40849491

At Least 35 Die In Yemen Blasts

Three coordinated Islamic State bomb attacks on Monday killed 38 people in the Southern port city of Mukalla in coastal region of Yemen.Yemen-blast-300x162

Officials say the militants struck at sunset as soldiers were preparing to break their day-long fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

At least 35 people died in Yemen after launching triple bomb attacks in the country’s south-eastern city of Mukalla.

The attacks also injured 24 people, involved a suicide bomber, a car bomb and an improvised explosive device.

An offshoot of Al-Qaeda controlled the port city but was recaptured in April by Yemeni government and Saudi-led coalition forces.

Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for the attacks via their online news agency, Amaq.

The first explosion occurred as an attacker detonated his suicide vest at a checkpoint on Mukalla’s western approaches.

The second blast came from a bomb-laden car at the military intelligence headquarter and the final one was an improvised explosive which went off as the soldiers were about to begin their evening meal.

The Yemeni security officials believe the attacks was caused by the rivalry between Al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

source:Channels Television.



OMG!Wallet Turns to Snake After Thief Stole it from a Traditional Healer in Ghana(PHOTOS)

A shocking incident has left people baffled after they watched as a wallet turned into a deadly cobra in the hands of the thief as a result of black magic. The incident happened on Monday morning in Ghana. The 27-year-old thief identified as Mdu had snatched a wallet from an alleged Sangoma’s pocket (Sangoma is a traditional healer), but shock and surprise took over people’s faces as the wallet turned to a cobra as he tried to open it.
An eyewitness revealed that Mdu tracked the alleged Sangoma who was about to board a taxi and confessed that he stole his wallet and wanted to return it.
“He stole a wallet from an old lad, people around are just saying the old man is a Sangoma but no one knows the man around. When he snatched the wallet he went behind that billboard that’s when the wallet turned into a snake.
“Now he tracked the man and found him but the problem is the old fellow is denying his wallet, he even produced a pouch like wallet as proof to show that the snake wallet wasn’t his.
“The snake is not biting him but its stuck in his hands he failed to throw it way, this is first grade black magic. “The police just come after a commotion but they ignored the case, I am not sure what he is thinking right now but if the owner denies the wallet they will have to visit a popular local sangoma to cast out the spell,” he said. A police officer who was at the scene, revealed that they can’t do anything about it but have only called the Parks and Wildlife management department.Thief-WAllet