Femi Aribisala’s article: A certain Bamidele makes case for RCCG’s Pastor E.A Adeboye

It is highly unbecoming for a mere man to speak evil of a Man of God.
For all those that are’ distressed’,  l would say by Daddy G.O comments; search the scriptures.
The likes of one Aribisala, who claims to be more righteous than the Pope and his followers, how l wish they will have the opportunity to go through what l want to say here.
I do not read the popular Linda Ikeji’s blog for certain reasons. However, somebody drew my attention to the above headline she published or so (HERE) and the hundreds of negative comments made on the issue.
I felt the urge to clear,if only little of what the writer and those who ignorantly followed him had imagined in their hearts.
So that if there is any that would want to repent, he could seize the time and opportunity to do so.
The things of the Spirit could not be explained away with human reasoning or understanding.
I have some examples in the Bible but will use 3 here.
In Numbers 12:1-8, the story revolved around Moses on one hand, Aaron and Miriam on the other and God between them.
Permit me to use the Global Bible for Children.
Verses 1-3 reads; Although, Moses was the most humble person in all the world, Miriam and Aaron started complaining, ‘Moses had no right to marry that woman from Ethiopia!. Who does he think he is? The Lord has spoken to us, not just to him’.
Note 1; Anybody would have identified with what they were saying. Really, why would Moses go and marry outside Israel?
Human reasoning!
Note 2; Both of them claimed God was speaking to them. Was it to tear HIS (God’s) kingdom apart, that God was giving out instructions to Moses and another to the complainers?
Are they saying God is Author of confusion? Or Issuer of discordant voices?
All who are dissatisfied with how things are going in the house of God
should rather keep quiet and leave God to work things out by Himself, instead of committing themselves on a journey they know not the end of.
Verse 3B; The Lord heard their complaint. …
Note 3:The same God,all claim they know, has heard and will continue to hear all issues whether rightly or wrongly made
Verses 4-8 are God’s reactions in the matter.
In verse 8, God declared,’ Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant, Moses.  (Today Devotional Bible)
The  Global Bible for children l used ealier has this to say, ‘You have no right to criticize my servant, Moses.’
The fact here is Moses; and Daddy G.O Adeboye is another entity.
Many believe that he is sent to draw men and women, old and young back to God their Maker with holiness as his watchword
2Sam.16: 7-12. This may seem not relevant to the issue at hand because Daddy GO is not running away from God.
However, if God could restore David to the throne with what Shimei said against David in spite of  the turbulence that rose against him.
Then we, that claim to know the workings of God should watch it.
 The last one l want to use is Judas Iscariot in John 12:4-6
‘A disciple named Judas Iscariot was there. He was the one who was going to betray Jesus and he asked,’Why wasn’t this perfume sold for 300silver coins and the money given to the poor? Judas did not really care about the poor…..’
Note 4. Who is the first to throw the stone? As it was with Judas then, so it is now with some who are more holy in their dealings with God
They talked about the poor too! But how many in their own little way have cared for the poor or done anything for the sake of the poor in the land.
  I will be highly blessed of God to have Daddy G.O under my small roof and l will say this on top of any hill or mountain.
I am one of the millions out there whose house can be released to him to stay for the work of God to continue.
So he is right to say it that he is richer than Bill Gates as many will go out of their way to make him comfortable whereever he is in 168 countries of the world. The Grace and the anointing of God in his life.
 My entire family loves and respects Daddy G.O for all the Godly attributes of his, but most especially the anointing of God upon his life.
We are just friends of RCCG through him. And a lot of miracles has God given to us within  these 24years we know him; by our just listening to the Word of God in his mouth.
God has used him and is still using him for us all in changing our attitudes to things of God and to things of this world.
Now, we in my family, fear God.
Now, we all desire more than ever before,to live for God alone and to want to please HIM by all means possible.
The only time l had the special grace to meet him on one to one basis was when my father, an Anglican Priest was dying of a long time ailment in 1992., I was then newly introduced to the fold.
Daddy may not remember now. His elder Brother who was my father’s friend facilitated our meeting.
The divine aura around him swept me over that l forgot about myself then in asking him to pray for me.
I could only ask him to pray for my father who we brought to the Camp ground that evening.
Hear what Daddy G.O said; You mean your father, an Anglican Priest can step on this Camp ground? Then, because he is here tonight, he is not going to die’
That was it.My father lived 11 years after at nearly 80 years old. He moved about,sound in his body and mind till the last day when he died peacefully on his bed.
He did not ask for him to be brought to him nor to touch him with his hand.
He however, exercised his faith on my father and made the declarations.
This is just one of the things God is making him to do in the lives of the people that come around him to hear the message of hope.
Who then is not happy with his ministry as to tarnish his name?
Let God be the Judge. At least, the Bible says God is the Judge of the universe. Except HE has delegated this role to any man, which l doubt.
Let the Bible guide our outbursts so that in wanting to speak at all, we don’t speak against ourselves.
posted by Kemi Filani at 8/18/2015PASTOR-ADEBOYE

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