Chris Brown Is in the news again for alleged assault, female victim shares pic of her injuries

A woman who was removed from Chris Brown’s tour bus on Thursday for refusing to give up her cell phone is now suing him. She claims Chris Brown and his entourage forcibly threw her from his tour bus and says she has proof she was manhandled and has significant bruising. Above is the photo she shared.

Chris Brown was at a Colorado strip club filming a music video when the incident happened. She’s claiming assault and cops say Chris and his people are persons of interest.

Based on the security footage shared by TMZ, the woman could be seen leaving the bus, then she goes back to the bus visibly distraught, shortly after, someone threw out her phone from the bus, which landed on the ground, away from the bus, she picks up the phone and goes back to the bus and says more words.

Then some guy from the bus walks towards her with her handbag which he gently placed on the sidewalk before he walked back to the bus.

Police are investigating the matter.

Chris is calling BS on the lawsuit saying … he’s an easy target and she’s looking for a payday.



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