So Sad! Rock crushes a mother and her three children to death in Abeokuta

Tragedy struck in  Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital when one of the many rocks for which the city derived its name  came crashing down on Friday night, killing a family of four.

According to the Nation, the deceased were a mother (Silifat Lawal); two of her children (Raaheedat,15, Semia,4); and a grandchild  (Mariam).
The heavy rock rolled off the height it had sat for hundreds of years at Iberekodo in Abeokuta North, smashing into the bedroom of the deceased who were fast asleep soon after having dinner.
However, the head of the family Ismail Lawal and two other children – Sukurat and Rofiat- survived the assault on the modest home by the deadly rock.

They were just a few steps away – relaxing in the sitting room – when the tragedy struck.They were injured, but that is not without injuring them seriously.
Locals blamed Friday’s downpour for the incident.
They said the rain appeared to have softened the base of the rock which gave way and made the rock to lose its balance.abeokuta

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