1. She called her parents earlier last Wednesday that she would be coming to Abuja that day.

2. She then left Ibadan, where she was serving, for Lagos to board an aircraft to Abuja.

3. She landed safely in Abuja and took an airport taxi that drove her away to an unknown destination.

4. The dad, who had come to pick her at the airport, searched for her without success.

5. Worried family and friends later contacted the police to officially report a “missing” lady.

6. While the family and police were running around, she was right in the bossom of her boyfriend in Lugbe, an outskirt of FCT, Abuja.

7.She later collaborated with her boyfriend to extort money from her father by feigning abduction.

8. She gave her father’s telephone number to her ‘abductor’, who called and threatened that if the dad wanted her daughter back alive, he should pay a ransom.

9. Through her pictures being widely circulated on the social media, someone who had seen her in the neighborhood alerted the police.

10. The police swung into action and arrested both the lady and her boyfriend “abductor”.

11. Here was the story of Eghonghon Jessica Edionwele, a 24-year-old daughter of Hon. Joe Edionwele, HoR member representing Esan Constituency, Edo State, Nigeria.

story credit: newsacrossastella7


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