Salawa Abeni, The Waka Queen Recuperating in the Hospital After an Unfortunate Incident

According to a Source, she had prepared and left for the City People Fashion Awards, which took place on Sunday, 18th of October 2015 at The New Westown Banquets, Ikeja.
She arrived at the venue and prepared to alight from her vehicle when she suddenly missed her footstep, the result was a high impact fall to the ground. Within a split second, she has to decide on using her forehead or her side. She managed to tilt and hit the side of her head against the fall.
The impact left her with deep lacerations to the side of her face. Good Samaritans who could recognize her, immediately rushed her to a Triumph hospital on unity road, Ikeja for swift treatment. Asking the Doctors on duty about the stability of her health and they said she is out of danger and would be discharged soon.
However, she had to go through different stitches on the face and may perhaps have to do a facial reconstruction surgery in the nearest future to remove any scar that may be left as a result of the (26)



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