“We Will Set Nigeria Embassy In Uk Ablaze If Buhari Does Not Shut It Down In 72hrs” – Group

A political party registered in the UK, The Commonwealth Liberation Party. which is currently spearheading an anti-deportation movement in the UK, has threatened to set ablaze the Nigerian Embassy in London, should President Muhammadu Buhari not order it shut within 72 hours.
The head of the Party, Prof. Alexia Thomas described the crisis rocking the embassy.
Her words: “I received a phone call from some distress Nigerians already detained by British Immigration that a Nigerian lady called Mrs. Ngere, Deputy Immigration Officer at Nigerian Embassy came into British Immigration Detention Center, having gone around
other Immigration Centers earlier.
Ngere gathered those Nigerians in each British Immigration Detention Center as a flock, with obvious happiness and relief on faces of those Nigerians. Those detained Nigerians had the feeling that at last another high-ranking Nigerian from the Embassy had
come to help them diplomatically. Ngere’s response was: ‘You are a Nigerian, you need to return to Nigeria’. Unfortunately, she issued Traveling Document, TC, to British immigration to deport Nigerians, even after they (the Nigerians) protested. We believe Ngere could not have come there so boldly without the support of her boss (Chief Immigration Officer). I believe Ngere and the Chief Immigration Officer are traitors
to the Nigerian people. It is a huge shame that Ngere for several years have been living on blood-money by regularly collecting 3,000 pounds per Deportee, head, issues Traveling Certificates to UK Border Agency. Our investigation confirmed that the British government are not aware of this scandal, as names of these detained Nigerians to be deported are written on UK Border Agency document showing every deported Nigerians were handed the sum of 3,000 pounds each; where as this sum was always collected and
blown by officials of Nigerian Embassy, while deported Nigerians are never allowed to remove their properties, nor given a dime.”



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