Could This Be True!Toyin Aimakhu Allegedly Beaten to a Pulp by Her New Man For Denying Him

This story is not certified yet but a source has it that Mike (a man who has been practicing journalism for years) said Toyin Aimakhu’s alleged lover, Seun Egbegbe has beaten her to a pulp for denying him on the pages of newspapers. He said Mr seun feels he has done a lot for Toyin to start praising him, but Toyin feels it is too early to let the world know about their love because she just walked out of a marriage. Mike said Toyin’s friends told him about the new development. Now, when a journalist says a ‘friend’ told me, that friend could mean, her friend in the right sense, it could also mean the lover himself. Anyway, he said Toyin has been absent on instagram for about 3 days now, and that is because she has a swollen face. Like I said, It is not my story and I am not saying it is true. For those of you that like a gist like this, . Btw, that is Seun Egbegbe up there o. The guy has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and has dated many actresses, most especially upcoming ones according to a lot of soft sell newspapers. They all cant be WRONG.
Toyin Aimakhu, the estranged wife of actor Niyi Johnson is in the news again! For those who are students of history, her marriage consummated in Ikoyi registry in Lagos not up to two years has since gone sour over crisis of trust and accusation and counter accusation of marital infidelity on both sides. No sooner had they separated that the actress started another unholy alliance with Seun Egbegbe.
Before now, there had been series of allegation about the lovey-dovey between the Yoruba top actress, Toyin Aimakhu and a socialite making forays into the movie industry, Seun Egbegbe. None of them ever came out to deny or accept the fact until recently when Toyin started granting some interviews in the media vehemently denying her new lover, Seun and the seaming love affair between them. An act Seun was said to have totally frowned at.
When Seun was reading one of their interviews, according to a reliable source, who is a close confidante of the two lovebirds, an argument ensued and Seun allegedly said she should start telling the world about them, since he has been serious with her and, besides, his financial commitment and obligation to the relationship should be enough reason for him to be celebrated. The cookies, however, crumbled when Toyin gave it back to Seun in a harsh tone that she could not do what he’s asking for because she’s just getting out of a marriage  and people might not see her in a good light if they sensed has quickly rushed into another relationship.
This was said to have infuriated Seun who allegedly hit her and beat her to a pulp. Few hours after they both left the ‘boxing ring’, Toyin packed a few of her belongings and hit Ibadan where her family resides to console herself of the attack and of course from the prying eyes. For her followers, Toyin has not come on her Instagram for about three days now because she doesn’t want to show the swollen face to the public, hiding it to heal up before she comes out with her story (the true version or the other side). Meanwhile, her friends who hinted us of this development swore that, the beautiful, talented and sultry actress, model, singer and producer is not in her right frame of mind to talk to anybody about it or show the swollen face to her fans. Effort to reach any of them for a comment proved abortive as at press time today.



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