OMG! British Woman Dies From Flesh Eating Bug After Trying To Get Kim Kardashian behind

A mother-of-one died after contracting a rare flesh-eating bug during a Brazilian ‘bum lift’ operation by a top Harley Street surgeon, an inquest heard.
Jane Kiiza, 47, is said to have ‘treated herself’ to the surgery because she wanted a ‘new look’ after her Cambridge-educated son left home.

But it triggered a cascade of infection that tore through her body, killing her when she returned to hospital just four days after the procedure.
The IT consultant from Hampstead in North London is the first British casualty to die from the increasingly popular ‘curve enhancing’ cosmetic operation known as a Brazilian lift.
Although no official statistics exist, the procedure is said to claim lives annually in the US and South America, where it is highly demanded by women hoping to emulate the hour-glass figures of celebrities such as singer Jennifer Lopez and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.
Named after the famous beach-loving country where it became popular, it involves removing fat from the abdomen and re-injecting some of it into the behindock area.
It is a serious but relatively routine procedure.
Tests found no traces of the bacteria in the privately-run theatre or iodine supplies at the Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow.
Senior Coroner Andrew Walker ruled Ms Kiiza’s death was a result of complications from the operation.
He said: ‘On June 19 2015 Ms Kiiza had surgery.
‘On 22 June Ms Kiiza became unwell and returned to the hospital where the surgery took place before being transferred to another hospital where she died.
‘I would like to add my deepest sympathy to the members of the family.’



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