Horror in Oyo Has 4 Die in Quick Succession of Love Charm,Thunderbolt (Magun)

Intense fear has gripped residents of Aje town in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State where four men died of “magun” in quick succession within a month,  Magun is a juju applied to punish adulterers in Yorubaland,.  But the thunderbolt (magun) that killed the four in Aje, was however not contracted through illicit sexual affairs as it was reportedly laced on objects in the community. Investigations revealed that the casualties were Messrs Banduro, Otuniyi, Oluade and Olusola Ayodiran. The death of Olusola, the last victim sparked controversy in the community where a powerful woman (names withheld) was alleged to have been the brain behind the incidents. Some opinion leaders in the community were said to have stepped in with a view to arresting future occurrences in Aje town which is close to Ilora, sources hinted.
The suspected woman who was accused of lacing the “magun” on palm trees, corn mills and working tools was reported to have threatened to kill not less than 50 male youths in the community. The last victim identified as a 58-year-old printer was said to have collapsed last Saturday while using a local hoe suspected to have been laced with “magun.” He died vomiting blood on his way to the hospital. A man called Abifarin who was reported to be planning to take the matter to the electronic media in Ibadan has been advised to tread softly, sources hinted.

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