Meet Obasanjo’s Son, Dare Obasanjo Who Works For Microsoft (PHOTO)

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is known for many things stemming from his long time at the helm of affairs of Africa’s most populous nation. However, apart from the late Stella Obasanjo, and former senator Iyabo Obasanjo, a lot of people do not know much about the former leader’s family. New reports have surfaced about one of Obasanjo’s many children, a Dare Obasanjo. Dare Obasanjo is one of the former president’s older children who is based in the US, and works for Microsoft. He is apparently married to a white woman with children. There is no telling that Dare Obasanjo is a carbon copy of his father. Down to the girth.pulse-dare-obasanjoDare-Obasanjo-Is-Microsoft-supporting-XML-standar_220



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