Female SNTV Journalist Killed In An Explosion From A Bomb Planted In Her Car (Photos)

Hindiya Haji Mohamed, a female journalist working with Somalia’s national television station, SNTV was killed when a bomb exploded under her car in Mogadishu Thursday December 3rd. Mohamed was returning home from university when the bomb detonated. She later died of her wounds at the hospital. Her late husband, also a journalist with the same television station, was killed in a suicide attack on a Mogadishu restaurant in 2012.

Hindiyo died at the hospital of the serious injuries she sustained, we are very sorry about her death,” said Abdirahin Ise Ado, director of Radio Mogadishu. “We condemn the killing… she was dedicated to serving her county and the people,” said Minister for Information Mohamed Abdi Heyr Mareye in a statement. There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Al-Qaeda’s linked Al-Shabaab have been carrying out regular attacks against government officials and journalists. Mohamed left behind a son.1index



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