The 5 Most Romantic Ideas To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Truly Memorable

Your first anniversary is just around the corner and you want to surprise your spouse. You might have been thinking of various ideas, but it can be tough to think of the perfect way to celebrate your special day!
Well, if you have yet not finalised your plans, then how about doing something creative, interesting and out of the box? Here are some amazing first anniversary celebration ideas, which will make your day even more memorable and special, and make your spouse fall in love with you all over again. So let the sparks fly, and soak in all the revelry of your special day!

#1. Plan a romantic getaway

If your anniversary falls on a weekend, you can plan a romantic getaway to a nearby hill station or maybe a beach. Spend time exploring a new place and trying out something new. Have a romantic candlelight dinner at a secluded place and spend the night underneath the stars (remember Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara).

If your anniversary falls on a weekday, book a hotel room to stay away from everyone. Switch off your cell phones for a day, stay away from all your office work, and just spend the entire day enjoying each other’s company. Order sumptuous food and indulge in some delicious desserts. You can even ask the manager to decorate the room the way it was on your first night, and indulge in a passionate lovemaking session. You must focus on making it romantic, after all, it is your first anniversary! 

#2. Take a trip down memory lane

Before getting married, there would have been some places, which you used to visit frequently. It could be a coffee house (where you first met), a chaat wala (where you both discovered each other’s food interests), or a restaurant (where he proposed to you), or maybe a cute bench in a secluded garden.

Just revisit those places and rekindle those wonderful memories again. You will feel like you have gone back to your courtship days all over again!
Marriage can do wonderful things to couples, see if you share the same sentiments as those mentioned in our:

#3. Throw a surprise party

Pretend that you do not remember your anniversary, and your partner will definitely be baffled by this. If they try to drop some hints to remind you about the anniversary, just act nonchalant.

On the other hand, secretly get their friends and family together and plan a bash. And then, enjoy that overwhelming expression on their face, when they see the surprise you have planned. They will definitely make you feel on cloud nine after the party is over (you know what we mean here, right?).

Ever dreamt of running away from your house and getting married in a small temple in true Bollywood style? Then do this on your first anniversary. Do not inform your friends and family, and run away (for a day) to a nearby town or village, and renew your wedding vows.

Take some kids from an orphanage out for a joy ride. Take them to a water park and have fun. End the day by cutting a cake with them and treating them to their favorite foods. You will definitely feel good after celebrating this special day with them.

We do hope that you will enjoy your first anniversary with our suggestions here. If you can think of some other fun ideas to celebrate your first anniversary, do let us know about them in the comments section below.article-20153859404234842000


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