Price Of Foodstuffs Doubles In Nigerian Market As Christmas Approaches – Survey

Prices of tomatoes, turkey and rice yesterday soared by over 100 per cent in most markets in Lagos, according to a survey by New Telegraph. The survey showed that a big basket of tomatoes, which previously sold for N3,000 at the Mile 12, and Ogba Sunday markets now sells for N7,000.

A medium-sized basket of fresh pepper now sells for N10,000 from N5,000, while turkey goes for N9,000 as against the N6,000 it sold for in the preceding weeks. A jute bag of onions goes for N12,500 from N11,000 while a 20-litre keg of vegetable oil goes for N6, 100 as against N6,000 previously.

A fourlitre paint measurement of garri still sells for N300. A bag of rice now goes for between 9,400 and 9,600 as against the commodity’s initial price of between 6, 300 and 7,000. In like manner, a 120 kilogramme bag of beans now costs N24,500.00, from the N22,000 it sold for in the preceding weeks.

The traders attributed the high cost of transportation to the lingering fuel scarcity AND THE YULETIDE SEASON as reason for the increase in the prices of these items.



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