Everything In Moderation!Man Dies After Consuming 4 Crates Of Beer In Lagos

A middle aged man reportedly drank his way to the afterlife in Shasha, a suburb of Lagos, western Nigeria.

According to P.M.NEWS the man simple identified as Femi Aluko was a well-known drunkard in his neighbourhood, the deceased was boasting to people that he could finish 4 crates of beer and his fellow beer parlour attendees decided to take him at his words.
However, after Aluko finished the four crates of beer he became heavily drunk and fell into the gutter on his way home.

It was gathered that none of the resident tried to help him  because he was already known as a street drunk.
The deceased was later found dead the next morning still laying in the gutter.
According to a resident, Mrs Nike Salawu she said the late Aluko has been encouraged to stop his drinking addiction but because he had family challenges for several years, heavy drinking of alcohol was the only way he could think of dealing with his problem.

The incident was confirmed by the Shasha police division. His corpse was initially taken to the General Hospital for autopsy before his family showed up to claim himagesis remains for a burial.


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