SoSad! Train Crushes Three Persons to Death in Ilorin

Three persons in a car were on Sunday crushed to death by a moving train in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital. It was learnt that two young men and a lady were inside a Toyota Camry car, with all four windows wound up, unknowingly parked the car on a railway line at Lulende area of Zango in Ilorin when they were rammed over by the moving train which was said to be coming from the north to Offa. Narrating the incident to our correspondent, an eyewitness said, “As the train was fast approaching, several shouts and alerts by the passers by to the three occupants inside the Toyota Camry car to drive away from the railway line failed as they could not hear what the people were saying. “Consequently, the oncoming train heavily crushed the car with the occupants, causing commotion and pandemonium in the area” Reports say the corpses of three the victims have been deposited at the University of Ilorin Teaching (1)


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