Patricia got pregnant 10 years ago when she was
in secondary school, the guy who got her
denied been responsible. She tried abortion but it
didn’t work, she tried many ways to destroy the
pregnancy because she didn’t want her parent to
know about it.
Patricia ran away with the pregnancy to her
friend in a faraway town. She stayed with her and gave birth.
she went and dumped the baby in the near by
without telling her friend and went back to her
that same day.

After many years she got married to the husband of
they were happy together till after 5 years when
couldn’t conceive a child. Her past came calling.
From her findings she discovered that she wont be
able to
conceive a child of her own due to what she did
to her
first child. She was thrown out from her husband house
they found out she was the cause of their barreness.
In life whatever a man sow so shall he reap
Now lets pray,
We pray the Almighty forgive all the sins we committed ignorantly in our past.
We ask God for his divineimages (3) direction so that we
don’t do
what will destroy our future in Jesus name.
May your prayer be answered as you comment
Amen. share this story with friends……/benita-popular-and-most-costly-ni…


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