Money Doublers Dupe Wife of Notable Nigerian Politician of N3.6m

The wife of a notable Nigerian politician has been duped of $18,000 (N3.6m) by some fraudsters operating money ‘doubling’ shrines in Lento Village, Life Camp, Abuja.

According to a police official, the areas of Lento village and Lento Aluminum have seen an increase in crime rate in recent times.

The official said victims were taken to various shrines in the village and robbed of their money and other belongings.

“Recently, the wife of a notable politician (names withheld) was taken to one of the shrines where she was duped of over $18,000. She initially gave the fraudsters $10,000, then went home and brought $8,000 to them. After handing the money over to them, they told her to come back in 30 minutes when they would have doubled the money to fill a ‘Ghana must go bag’.

“By the time she came back, expecting to carry the bag of money that was promised her, the miscreants had already abandoned the place. It then dawned on her that she had been duped of her money,” he said.

The source also said: “Even when the woman and her family reported the matter to the police, she seemed still convinced that she had genuine business with the fraudsters as she was only talking of the bag of money instead of telling us what exactly happened.”

The official however said that the police have been having a tough time trying to arrest the suspected fraudsters.

Daily Trust

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