See Photos of New Ooni of Ife Recieving The Oranmiyan’s Sword

Yesterday the new Ooni Of Ife Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi finally received the powerful Oranmiyan’s Sword. A move which identifies him as one of the greatest leaders of our time…

What you are about to read are Facts about the power behind the acceptance of Oranmiyan’s sword…

”Oranmiyan was the son of Oduduwa and he reigned as one of the most powerful Ooni till date. He set up many powerful territories and Left Ife to set up Benin Empire and named it called “Ilu Ibinu” ( Land of Temper). Then it was shortened to Ibinu Land,Pronounced as Bini Land and is now spelt Benin Land by the Portuguese. Oranmiyan Gave birth to Eweka the 1st king of Benin and Left to set up Oyo Empire,he gave birth to Sango (god of thunder) and Then left to set up Oke Ona- the current Abeokuta……IMG_3506IMG_3505IMG_3503IMG_3510IMG_3507IMG_3508


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