Angry Nigerians Sleep Under Turkish Airplane To Prevent Departure After Disappointment

Some angry Nigerians last night took extreme measures in order to prevent a just arrived Turkish Airline plane from leaving the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport, Abuja.

They are Nigerians based in Turkey and had arrived the county in very high spirits last Sunday onboard Turkish Airlines to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

Only to find out on landing, that their luggage had not been flown down with them from Istanbul, Turkey.

They were told to check back on Tuesday, and when they showed up at the airport on Tuesday, were asked to come back again on Thursday.

Last night they checked back, and when their luggage was still no where to be found, the stranded pa$$engers swore not to let the Turkish Airline that just landed to leave till they get a good response.

These guys lay down beside the tires to ensure that while others vented their anger and frustration.3225485_capture_jpeg6d0ce43c2e6495dc5ba7597dd3872afd-13225484_a1_jpegbab936fe3b02402318a967515cfcc7dd-13225482_1_jpeg83b5009e040969ee7b60362ad7426573-13225474_cxb6lvgw8aebriv_jpegcf58c45c76a3083db278564c95a80cf2-1


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