SO SAD: Police Inspector Dies Mysteriously 12 Hours After His Promotion

A mysterious incident happened in Ondo state at the weekend when a police inspector named Usman Kadiri stationed at the Yaba Police division in Ondo state suddenly died in his sleep. One of his colleagues who spoke on his sudden death, said; Quote “Kadiri was in charge of traffic control. On that faithful night, he got a message from our headquarters in Akure that he has been promoted to the position of a station officer and we were all happy .” His colleagues further stated that he was in a happy mood on that night and celebrated his promotion with his colleagues and friends before everyone went to their various homes. He also left for his home which was like 2 poles to the station. He narrated further that suddenly they heard a noise from the new inspector’s home in the wee hours of the following morning that Kadiri died in his sleep. His sudden death was said to have caused commotion in the station that day. Now all other police officers are said to be afraid to take up the position he left. Three other police officers were penciled to take up the position but they all rejected (1)


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