Astonishing !Ministry of Solid Minerals Wants To Spend N800 Million On A Website Update


The Federal Ministry for Solid Mineral Development, in its proposed budget, allocated almost N800 million for a website upgrade. just ordinary N800 million. Maybe they intend to directly contract Mark Zuckerberg to do the upgrade. Okay, maybe there is more to a website upgrade than meets the eye but N800 million? Wow.
The information was originally brought to light on Twitter by one Stanley Achonu (@StanVito) of BudgIT, a startup that transforms public data (such as budgets) from its default confusing state to a more engaging format, usually via infographics and Interactive apps. Whether or not there is a hidden (or corruption-related) agenda at play here, it only makes sense to make the details for which you intend to spend such a huge sum of money as clear as possible. We do live in a country where websites are built for as much as N78 million, where budgets can go ‘missing’ and “Internet infrastructure for Aso Rock” can cost as much as N136 million, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised.CYsN9gTWAAI8qBL

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