Nigerian Footballer Arrested For Drug Trafficking In India

A 28-year-old professional football player from Nigeria has been arrested on drug trafficking charges with 105 grams of fine quality cocaine, Indian police have reported. Izu Chukwu Ojobo, who had played in the Goa League Championship in 2015, used to get cocaine from his Nigerian contacts in Goa and frequently visited Delhi to deliver drugs consignments to his clients, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said.
Ojobo is a professional footballer and, in 2015, he played in Goa League Championship with the United Manipur team and also participated in Adidas Cup in Delhi,” said Yadav. Ojobo initially went to South Africa to earn a law degree but dropped out in two years and came to India with a students  visa in 2014.
He started living in Goa and took up football. There he came in contact with other drug traffickers from Nigeria, he said.Based on a tip-off, he was arrested on Wednesday, January 13th and booked under relevant sections of NDPS Act, he added.16012016010731

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