Paul Okoye Takes His Stand On Family Feud, Says Family Comes First

There has been a lot of in fighting among Nigerian celebrities since the beginning of the year, particularly on social media. The latest of which is the one being staged by the Okoye  brothers, Paul, Peter and Jude. The fight appears to be a battle for supremacy   between Jude and Peter, the other half of the singing duo, Psquare over who is the’ numero uno’ in their flourishing music business. Today, Paul took his stand , declaring his loyalty to elder brother  Jude. This he did by posting a photo of himself and  Jude with Peter  conspicuously absent , with the caption: This is where I stand,  Instagram

Qpsquare-jude-okoye-600x558-1-600x558uote:.I pray for no break up ”This is where I belong and this is where I stand…….you do music in the studio, not in social media, you have family issues, you discuss that in close doors, not in social media ….. Family is family, blood is blood …. If you don’t do family business, then who am I to you?”

Let’s just hope they resolve their issues soon.


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