Photos From A Shocking Fatal Accident Scene In Abakaliki In Ebonyi State

This report was sent in by aneyewitness.Read the report below:
20160307_07091720160307_07093620160307_070945This is a tragic accident that happened in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State last night involving some military personnel. Not sure of how many they were in the car but was told that the driver died at the spot but as at the time of sending in this, the other person sitting in front with the driver is struggling to survive at the hospital while the surviving persons are the ones sitting at the back of the car.
The state government should pleased endeavor  to rush up the road construction as this accident must have been caused by that or probably the guys were on a high speed not to have noticed the bad road.

Any SDK BV’s in Abakailki can testify to this, this is not a good site for a day like this especially on Monday.. It can ruin someone’s week

Attached are the pictures from the scene of the accident.

May the soul of the dead rest in peace Amen”.


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