Chaos In A Lagos Schl As Headteacher Stabs Teacher In The Head

Pandemonium and fear ensued in a Lagos school Teacher-Stabbed as a peaceful protest by teachers of staff schools of the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Lagos on Tuesday turned bloody when the head teacher of the primary school section, Sunday Ogunmade, allegedly stabbed one of the protesting teachers, Gbenga Agboola. According to reports, the incident took place as the teachers were protesting the casualization of their employment and a 50 per cent reduction in their salaries. In the process, they barricaded the gates of the schools to stop management cadre staff from gaining entry into the school.
However, the exercise was peaceful at the secondary school section of the staff school, but the teachers of the primary school went out of their way to mandate Mr Ogunmade, asking him to step out of the school premises. He bluntly refused. In the melee, the teachers tried to force him out of his office and the school premises.  In the ensuing scuffle, the head teacher allegedly brought out a knife and stabbed Mr Agboola in the head. Agboola was left with a large knife wound as others panicked.   “He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. And from what I can see, he will be requiring several stitches on his head,” said a teacher who pleaded anonymity. The spokesperson of the college, Adebowale Odunayo, confirmed the incident.

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